6 Best exercises to do from home

As we all are stuck in our homes because of this pandemic outbreak (COVID-19). In this quarantine, we all are in our home just eating and working (work from home/online classes). Before this situation, many of us hit the gym to stay fit and stay healthy but unfortunately, we just can’t hit the gym. So today I’m gonna tell you 6 workouts which you can do at home without any equipment.

  • Why did we need to do exercise?
  • 6 best exercises you can do at home
  1. Stretching
  2. Push-ups
  3. Squats
  4. Skipping
  5. Plank
  6. Crunches

Why did we need to do exercise?

If you have ever asked someone or yourself “Why did we need to do exercises”, so it’s time to make sure that you really know the importance. Exercise helps to lose weight and reduce the risk of disease. Exercising reduces the risk of a person’s developing diseases, including obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. It will also keep your body healthy. Exercising maintains our BMI(Body Mass Index). It will also hone life skills like persistence, confidence, and motivation.

6 Best exercises you can do at your home


Before you start the workouts make sure to warm-up the body so you can prevent the injuries. Start with gentle stretching, try to stretch your body upward to downward (from the upper body to lower body) or downward to upward (from the lower body to upper body).

Tip: – Make sure don’t push yourself too much because it’s just the beginning and you can hurt yourself so be careful. (Be gentle in the begging)


After stretching is done we will start with the most familiar exercise of all time which is push-ups. There are different types of push-ups concentrating on a different part of your upper body like chest dominant, tricep dominant, shoulder dominant, etc. It completely depends on your strength that which type of push-up you can do.

Tip : – 3 Sets (15,20) reps in each set. Again it depends on your strength that how many reps you can do but make sure don’t go below 8 you need to do at least 8 reps. Take 30 seconds of a break after completion of each set.


Many of us skip the leg day in the gym but leg exercise is one of the most important for weight loss, body balance, it prevents back pain, better running performance, leg exercise also enhances the production of growth hormone and testosterone in the body. Make sure you don’t miss out on the leg day.
Tip : – 3 sets (25,30) reps each. If you have a dumbbell you can also use that it will give extra pressure on your legs but if you don’t have dumbbell you can use anything which weighs around 4kg to 5kg like ( you can put filled 4,5 water bottle in your bag and hang it on your shoulder).


Skipping is one of the best workouts. you just need a skipping rope and there you go. Skipping is a full-body workout if you are an athlete then skipping is best for you. It makes you agile, it increases the leg strength as well as stamina.
Tip: – you just need a skipping rope and go for it. But don’t hop too high.


Plank helps you to reduce the belly fat, strengthen your core, gives better posture, it enhances the metabolism, etc. This is a very simple exercise yet effective one you just have to start like push-ups you just need to balance on your elbow right below the shoulder and hold it there.
Tip : – 3 to 4 sets (at least 1 mint each rep) after every successive rep increase the rep duration like if you hold it there for 1 minute in the first rep just try to hold more than 1 minute in the second rep (add 15 seconds or 20 seconds)


Crunches are no doubt one of the best bodyweight exercises to build a powerful core and ripped body. There are so many variations of crunches like bicycle crunches, reverse crunches, double crunches, etc. If you also crave abs then you should do this exercise.
Tip: – This exercise is all about form make sure while doing this exercise your form is excellent.

Comment below tell me more suggestions if you have. Stay home stay safe and follow the Government instructions 🙂

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  1. prakash Kumar Choudhary

    nice workout in home.
    all six exercises is very well nd good benifit.
    (weight decreases, strength is gain)
    keep it up.💪🏋️‍♂️

  2. Samiksha Srivastava

    This is an amazing article for all of us who are stuck at our homes and wish to maintain their body without going to gym.

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