How to keep your relationship alive

How to take care of a relationship if you aren’t in the same city??? (Long Distance Relationship)

It’s quite challenging for both sides to stay in a long-distance relationship again I’m saying it’s challenging but not impossible. Being far away from your partner is miserable cause you to miss them so much, you miss all the fun you had with them, you miss all those cozy nights with them, you miss the places where both of went together, you miss their laughter, you miss their smile, you miss their touch.
So today I’m gonna give you 7 tips to build a strong relationship with your partner from being far away.

1. Talk and talk and talk!!!

Yeah, you heard it right! Talk to your partner, talk to them with heart open.
Don’t think about what you are going to talk about just tell them about your whole day, what you did?  What you had for lunch etc, and yeah ask them too about their day.

2. Call or text in the middle of the day!

It’s not necessary that whenever you are free only that time you call them. Just call them in the middle of the day while you are at your work and tell them how much you love them and how much they mean to you, but make sure that you only call them once because they’ll be busy too in that case, if they don’t pick up the call just write a sweet text and send it. And I can tell you that whenever they see they’ll be smiling.

3. Surprise them with gifts.

Everyone loves the gift especially when it’s from your loved ones. Send your partner sweet little gift after some duration, and guys it’s necessary that the gift should be expensive, not at all. Send them chocolates, or maybe a bunch of flowers, teddy and if your partner is a foodie (boom) just order them their favourite dish from their favourite restaurant. I can surely tell you that they’ll be literally dying to hug you at that moment. ( Yeah yeah thank me later)

4. Make plans.

Yes, make plans about where you’ll be both going, what you’ll eat, make a plan about the road trips, make plans about the restaurant you’ll be visiting etc. This will make both of you excited.

5. Talk about the things which you did together.

You both created a sweet memory together. Just talk about it, the things which made you laugh, all the terrible things which you both did together, all the places you went all the things just talk about it. You’ll both feel very blissful at that moment. Each and every memory will be floating right in front of you.

6. Trust each other!

Being in a long-distance relationship is hard on both of you when you love each other so badly. But sometimes maybe you’ll feel that you are not getting the same attention or something like that but that’s not the case maybe your partner is under pressure due to workload or they have a family issue. You have to trust your loved one, just try to study their behaviour and if something feels problematic make them comfortable first and ask them about it. Because in this relationship you both are the only ones who are there for each other, you both have to count on each other.

7. Make love

Last but not least, When you meet up just make love as much as you can. Hug your partner and give a kiss on their forehead and just don’t say anything…………..!!

Nowadays the long-distance relationship is common but not everyone can handle it, So guys trust each other and try those too, maybe it’ll work for you too.

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  1. These ideas are really good. Sometimes my partner is not with me and I usually do these things and I never felt loneliness.

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